Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our new Logo

It has been 6 exciting months since Essie Letterpress went on maternity leave, but all good things come to and end.
To mark our return we decided to give ourselves a bit of a spit and polish. So we got hold of Jordan Metclaf, one of South Africa's premier typographers, to spin some of his magic our way.

The results came our clean and crisp with a lovely classical whimsy splashed all over it.

We hope you like it, we sure do.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Artist Almanac 2014 Line up

I am happy to announce that we have found our 13 artists for the 2014 Almanac. We have a lovely mix of upstarts, superstars, illustrators, artists and typographers.

Here they are:

Cover Muti
Jan Hanno van Zyl
Feb Jason de Villiers
Mar Alex Latimer
Apr Bruce Macay
May Hylton warburton
Jun Nicolas Rix
Jul Lize Marie Dreyer
Aug Nina Torr
Sep Christi Du Toit
Oct Lauren Fowler
Nov Fanakalo
Dec Andres Pallavicini

Good luck to everyone involved.