Monday, March 12, 2012

The business....

We have decided to start printing Business cards, as we have so many requests for them.

Our first job, besides our own, of course were for 2 gals in Jhb, who have started an online shop called Room Online.

My husband, Ben designed their website, stickers, wrapping paper and business cards for them.

They are printed on our Superthick, Ivory, which is 500gsm thick, and are double-sided, with two colours on the one side and one colour on the other side.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We have just finished printing this gorgeous butterfly inspired wedding invitation. It is a folded invite, with a picture and story on the cover, invite wording on the inside cover and an insert with the reminder of the wedding date.

The bride's name is Vanessa, which means 'butterfly' in Greek, and her fiance has red hair. This inspired her to come up with the idea of a little red haired boy catching a butterfly in his net. (The drawing on the cover was done by the very talented bride herself....)

We have still to print the Order of Service, which will follow the same theme.

 These invites went through the press 6 times each, so it was quite a time consuming exercise, but I think the result is great. We printed on a Cream, textured paper and used a hand mixed Orange ink, along with our Coal Black.